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Spritedow Animator

Spritedow Animator is a Unity plugin to do simple sprite animations avoiding the big and tedious Unity's Mecanim system.

I made this as a tool for my own games, but it has grown big. Now it has lots of users, it's been used on profesional games on multiple platforms and it has lots of new features that the users requested.

It's on sale on Itch.io and on the Asset Store, but also it's free with a MIT license at Github. Basically I'm selling my support and the possibility to ask for new features.
  • Simple and easy to use Animation editor
  • Animation preview
  • Play animations forward or backwards
  • Play random animations
  • Animate ignoring time scale
  • Custom animation framerate
  • Custom frame duration
  • Basic events (onPlay, onStop...)
  • Custom events
  • Works with SpriteRenderer and UI Images
  • Renderer control methods
  • Make simple behaviours without code (loop, random, play on awake, delay between loops, disable renderer on end...)
  • Completely standalone, this plugin does not use the Unity's animation system