Hookmarine is a submarine specialized in the recovery of toxic waste on the ocean floor.

What would happen if during an expedition the submarine's engines stopped working and you only had your grappling hook to move and do your work?

Find out in The Hookmarine, a game of skill, patience and frustration.

Play modes

Play the story mode, a long challenge with lots of different mechanics, secrets and lovely characters, or the arcade mode, a more compact classic challenge where your skill is the most important weapon.

Both modes have leaderboards, try to be the fastest ocean cleaner.


  • Use a grappling hook to move underwater.
  • Use that same grappling hook to move a toxic waste barrel.
  • Clean the ocean taking that barrel out of the water.
  • Avoid multiple obstacles, including tentacles!
  • Two different play modes.
  • Secrets and easter eggs.
  • Rankings.



Arcade Mode GameplayYouTube


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About Elendow

Solo developer in Barcelona dedicated to the creation of small indie games and experiences.
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The Hookmarine Credits

Èric Verdalet
- Developer
- Character Design
Sara Lopez Productions
- Music